Lighting Layout

Need a Lighting Layout?

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We will help you with the layout for your project. Let us help you find and create the perfect solution for all of your needs. Upon your submission of the form below, our staff will review the information that you have provided, and will respond to work with you on this project. You will receive an email notification that the form has been successfully submitted, so please provide a valid email that you will check for our correspondence. Please Note our calculations take 2-4 days to complete.


Please include the following:


For Indoor:

  •  Dimensions of the area where the fixtures are being installed.
  •  If Pendant Type fixtures then please include mounting height.
  •  Reflectances if not known then we will us Standard IES reflectance values
  •  Desired Foot-candles . Again if not known then we will use Standard IES guideline.


For Outdoor:

  • Description or plan of layout area.
  • If Wall Mounted or Parking Lot then need mounting heights.
  • Desired Foot candles. Again if not known then we will use the Standard IES Guideline.


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